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How often has it happened that an electrical appliance is installed with little thought about where the appliance is going to be used or how far the electrical socket is away, leaving a straggling length of cable that can so easily be tripped over, potentially causing damage and injury.

Once again VULCASCOT has the solution but this time in the form of luxury and safety all in one CABLE PROTECTION MAT. A neat carpet on one side and a soft rubber on the other. Lay the MAT over the cable and the work place is safe once again. Also available as an all rubber version for when carpet is not suitable.








Product data sheet: Download Datasheet

  • Mat Size 120cm x 40cm
  • Edge in signal colour
  • Kleeted and non-slip back from durable nitrile rubber with integrated cable run
  • 2 Year warranty
phone us on: 0800 035 2842
0800 035 2842
Traffice Hero
  • Carpet Top Cable Mat

    Indoor Cable Tidy Solution

    • Extremely durable nylon surface in multi colour shades
    • Anti-static
    • Overall height: approx. 13 mm
    Profile Carpet Top Cable Mat
  • Rubber Top Cable Mat

    Rubber cable tidy solution for all areas

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Light resistant and suitable for underfloor heating
    • Overall height: approx. 4.8 mm
    Profile Rubber Top Cable Mat


If you would like more information on Vulcascot Cable Protection Mats or would like to order any of the above products please contact us on 0800 035 2842 within the UK or +44 (0)1604 212 973 outside the UK. Alternatively you can email us at: [email protected]

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